2017 Honey Queen Shelby Kittle

Shelby Kittle 2017 Honey QueenHello everyone! I’m Shelby Kittle, daughter of Rod and Tammy Kittle of Ord, Nebraska. I will be a senior at the Ord Jr./Sr. High School and after I graduate I’m looking towards a degree in agriculture education. I am the 2017 Honey Queen for Nebraska and my goal is to educate the public on honey, beekeeping, and honey bees in general. My job is to represent and promote the beekeeping industry of Nebraska. I have kept beehives for the past 3 years and am very knowledgeable on the subjects of beekeeping and honey production. I enjoy public speaking, working with people, and sharing my knowledge. I have an educational observation hive that I can use to show people what the inside of a beehive looks like without them having to worry about getting stung as well. I am available to present or appear at county fairs, parades, and other organizational meetings. If you are interested in having me present, please email me at queen@nebraskabeekeepers.org.