Dream, Design, Deliver: A 3-D Blueprint for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Dream Design Deliver: A 3-D Blueprint for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a new, digital, experiential high school curriculum. Through this curriculum youth will learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and develop an dynamic business plan.

Fully digital curriculum
Aligned with State and National Content Standards
Easy delivery with little teacher prep
Can be delivered as a stand-alone curriculum
Assignments & assessments collected electronically and delivered to instructor
Dynamic sketch file (business plan)  - aggregated throughout the curriculum
Licensed product, annually renewable at affordable cost/student

Standard Alignment

•Language Arts
•Social Studies
•Career Readiness
•National Entrepreneurship Standards (420 standards for K-16)

Content Rich

•Chapter 1 – Understanding Entrepreneurship
•Chapter 2 – Concept Development
•Chapter 3 – Company Description
•Chapter 4 – Mission Statement
•Chapter 5 – Pre-Business Plan 1 (self-analysis)
•Chapter 6 – Pre-Business Plan 2 (risk/reward)
•Chapter 7 – Pre-Business Plan 3 (feasibility)
•Chapter 8 – Market Research
•Chapter 9 – Market Analysis
•Chapter 10 – Global
•Chapter 11 – Marketing Plan
•Chapter 12 – Organizational Plan
•Chapter 13 – Human Resources
•Chapter 14 – Operational Business Plan
•Chapter 15 – Customer Service
•Chapter 16 – Company Description
•Chapter 17 – Financials
•Chapter 18 – Financials (breakeven analysis)
•Chapter 19 – Financials (capital)
•Chapter 20 – Financials (cash flow)
•Chapter 21 – Financials (income statement)
•Chapter 22 – Growth Plan (expansion)
•Chapter 23 – Growth Plan (transferring)
•Chapter 24 – Growth Plan (closing)
•Chapter 25 – Executive Summary
Videos and Activities available for all chapters.
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Additional Information

•Gallup Partnership
•Flexibility of utilizing chapters you want
•Sketch file – place to gather the information for business plan
•Reviewed by post-secondary instructors

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