ESI pilot held in O'Neill

ESI Pilot

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Need an affordable prom outfit or transportation? How about mosquito repellent that actually works? These ideas and more could actually one day be implemented by local Holt County students. 

These students, all 19 of them, were involved in the Holt County Entrepreneurship Investigation (ESI) Camp a 4-H  project that was recently held in O’Neill at the Holt County Courthouse Annex. The camp was designed to give students a taste of entrepreneurship and help them start thinking about different ideas that would enable them to stay or return to our small communities. 

 In a questionnaire the students completed at the end of the camp, 89% of them felt they had discovered talents, interests or hobbies that could turn into a future business. 

Students were engaged in a number of high energy activities that all had a connection to entrepreneurship and having your own business. The students even took a business visit to Pizza Hut where they learned more about the franchise and all of the details that go into making a pizza. 

After lunch and the tornado sirens, the students broke up into groups to work on their own product that was designed to solve a problem. Students had to state the problem, the name of their invention, a list of the materials that were needed and they had to come up with a name and a :30 second radio commercial for their product. The commercials were then recorded by KBRX Radio with a CD of all the commercials being made available to all the campers. 

Camp participants were Tracy Chvala, Tom Chvala and Tyler Coburn all of Atkinson; Katie Nelson of Butte; Justine Blumenstock, Makayla Wiese, Rachel Scmitz, Kyle Lorenz, Natasha Hauf, Brittany Carr, Marie Sitz, Erin Meyer, Tristan Strong, Morgan Sterns, Alexis Garza, Noah Johnson, Keven Martines and Garrett Gleason all of O’Neill; and Tate Schmaderer of Stuart. 

The camp was sponsored and facilitated by Holt County Economic Development, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension-Holt County, 4-H, Youth Task Force and HomeTown Competitiveness.