ESI: What is it?


What makes ESI unique?

ESI is truly a pioneer in the field of youth entrepreneurship education for several reasons:

  • Developed with four audiences in mind:
    • 4-H Clubs
    • Middle and high schools
    • Youth organizations
    • Community organizations
  • Written in partnership with organizations representative of each of the target audiences
  • Research-based
  • Uses current technology through web-based activities
  • Is accessible and affordable to anyone
  • Provides instructions and direction for leaders and teachers through the leader's guide
  • Aligned to school standards for easy classroom use

ESI Mission

  • Provide community-based entrepreneurial education for youth involved in 4-H, scholastic and community organizations
  • Teach entrepreneurial skills to youth
  • Teach youth community economic knowledge
  • Provide youth with greater career opportunities
  • Improve intergenerational relationships
  • Increase youth participation in community economics/li>
  • Help youth develop relationships with local business owners and professionals
  • Help youth understand that they can control where they want to live by being their own employer

Entrepreneurship Youth

Entrepreneurs are people who:

  • Create new products
  • Find new ways to market existing products
  • Find a way to do something faster or better

Although we primarily think of entrepreneurs as adults, you are never too young to be an entrepreneur. In fact, there are many youth entrepreneurs not only in Nebraska, but all over the country and the world. These young people are creating new products and successful businesses every day!