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Just For Clicks Business Game

The Just for Clicks Business Game™ is about developing a product that kids would read. We call it a "kid's online digital information product" or a KODIP™. Your KODIP™ will tell other kids about something you know about, are good at, enjoy to do yourself or something you think kids will like. Once you have created your KODIP™ , you need to come up with a product name, a written advertisement and a name for your business - just like setting up a real business. Now you have the challenge of testing your product on friends, family and potential customers.

All Terrain Brain

All Terrain Brain(ATB) was created to help kids ages 8-12 develop the self-confidence, perseverance, motivation, and creative thinking skills that are all part of being an entrepreneur. Based on the All Terrain Brain series of 25 fun videos, encourages kids to take their brain off road, explore new ways of thinking and tap into their inner potential as an entrepreneur.

Academy of Achievement
The Academy of Achievement brings students face to face with their favorite role models. Features pictures, quotes, and biographies for a wide variety of leaders in all genres. Student can browse through the list or search by specific genre or name.

U.S. Small Business Administration: Teen Business Link

Career Link