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As students begin to look at possible careers and places to live, they may focus too much on salary figures. This unit was designed to get students to realize a large salary offered in one location may not equate to as much buying power as a smaller salary offered in another part of our country.

Using a variety of web resources, the students will collect information on occupations and their salaries, cost of living in their home state and one other, state and federal tax rates, and car and house payments for each location.

To begin, you will need these materials:
  1. Download the “Occupations” and “States” pdf files. Print each in a different color, then cut apart and allow students to draw one of each. 
  2. Download the “No Place Like Home” worksheet and run off a copy for each student. They will use this sheet to collect their information.
  3. Students will also need to download the “Expenses Template.” They will use this to calculate the data they have collected.
  4. Throughout the activities, there will be pop-ups to help explain key elements and inputs to calculating the cost of living.
  5. In several activities, there will be buttons that say, “Extending this Activity.” Click on these to gain more ideas on using this unit.

Click here to download all 4 resources listed above (ZIP file)