Nebraska's National Entrepreneurship Week (NEW) Summit Webcasts

On February 28th, a full day of webcasts focusing on some of the incredibly exciting activities and programs that have been created to build entrepreneurial communities and a positive climate for entrepreneurship in our state was broadcast nationwide. 

The "Nebraska day" was part of five full days of webcasts co-sponsored by Cisco, the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, and many other national partners. 

The webcasts from Nebraska were a combination of pre-recorded segments and live broadcasts  from the CIT Studios in the Ag Communications building on UNL East Campus.  Working with Nebraska 4-H, the Communications and Information Technlogy-Ag Communications staff, and a small, but mighty team of planners, this day was literally pulled together in less than 8 weeks and a total of three pre-planning meetings.  Great things can happen when a team of dedicated, hard-working individuals focus their minds (and time and expertise) on a challenge! 

Special thanks and congratulations are due to the Nebraska NEW Summit planning team members (in alpha order... Gregg Christensen, Nancy Eberle, Patricia Fairchild, Bob Meduna, Jean Swanson, and Diane Vigna) and ESPECIALLY to the CIT staff (Mark Hendricks and Jim Randall).   

Also key to the effort were:  

Dr. Tom Osborne, Former 3rd District Congressman 
Tim Mittan,  Director Entrepreneurship Center, Southeast Community College
Marilyn  Schlake, Coordinator, Center for Applied Rural Innovation
Craig Schroeder, Senior Associate, RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship 

and the many other individuals, organizations and programs featured during the webcasts. 

Nebraska can be justifiably proud of the work being done in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.