Welcome to No Place Like Home


Now is the best time for you as a middle school or high school student to explore and learn what career path you would like to prepare for as you complete high school and possibly enroll in a college before moving into the work force. There are all kinds of jobs and locations for those jobs that you may not even be aware of. In the ‘No Place Like Home’ activities you not only have an opportunity to explore different jobs and careers but you will also be able to observe how salaries between states may differ. Gross salaries in your state may not be as high when compared to other states, but salary numbers are deceiving. In order to make a fair comparison, you also need to consider the cost of living in other locations. For this unit, you will be comparing the cost of living in a community in your state with the same costs in another state. You will create a spreadsheet and chart showing what you find out.

Let’s proceed by clicking on Activity #1, Finding Job & Salary Information.

(you will be able to use the Cost of Living Calculator on this website for a simple comparison, but you are encouraged to go beyond this and actually do some research).