Pawnee County 4-H Youth Open New Businesses

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Pawnee County among several Pawnee County 4-H Youth. “One of the goals of our community is to facilitate youth in wanting to come back to Pawnee County as adults. An important first step in this process is helping youth to develop the skills necessary for creating new business opportunities. Through Pawnee County 4-H we are working hard to help our youth take that first step in understanding the risks and rewards of small business ownership” says UNL Extension Educator, Deb Weitzenkamp. Five Pawnee County 4-H youth worked throughout the summer to develop their businesses from the ground up and recently sold their products at the CyberFair located in the Farmland Building at the Nebraska State Fair.  

Sydney HunzekerSweet Farms
Sydney Hunzeker’s business Sweet Farms was developed out of an interest in growing lavender as a crop. As her lavender crop starts growing, Sydney decided that she would develop additional products that use lavender oils in them. This summer she introduced her lavender scented neck wraps. The neck wraps can be heated in a microwave to soothe sore muscles, or put in the freezer to keep cool on hot summer days. They are specially designed to have an envelope style terry cover that can be removed and washed.



Levi WilcoxCool Key Chainz
Levi Wilcox’s business Cool Key Chainz capitalizes on using glow in the dark beads on the key chains. By using glow in the dark beads you’ll always be able to find your keys! Levi’s Cool Key Chainz include snakes, ducks, dragonflys, lizards, and even a N for the great state of Nebraska! But if you don’t see what you’re looking for, talk to Levi about designing a custom key chain for you.


Holly's Dog BiscuitsHolly’s Dog Biscuits
Hannah Davis’ business Holly’s Dog Biscuits is creatively named for her dog Holly. She developed her business out of a love of her dog and a love of cooking. And since Holly loves to try what Hannah cooks, the whole business made perfect sense. What a great way to turn a hobby and a special interest into a business! Holly’s Dog Biscuits carries five gourmet flavors including best sellers Bark-B-Q and Peamutt Butter. Each gourmet flavor has been analyzed for guaranteed content and is ready for treating man’s best friend.


Simple Style Mailboxes
Nathan Friedly thought that everyone should take great style “all the way to the curb”, so Nathan custom decorates mail boxes. Designs include rainbows, flowers, camouflage and barns to name a few. This fall the UNL Extension Office will be putting up one of Nathan’s custom designed mail boxes on the south side of the courthouse for 4-Her’s to drop off materials after hours. 

Carly HunzekerCarly’s Barn Quilts
Carly Hunzeker’s grandmother served as the inspiration for opening Carly’s Barn Quilts. Her grandmother lives near Sac County Iowa, the birth place of the concept of Barn Quilts. Barn Quilts are simply a quilt block painted on a 4’ X 4’ or 8’ X 8’ piece of plywood that can be mounted on a barn or side of a building. Designs include quilt blocks named with farm or country themes. Carly’s Barn Quilts can be painted in a variety of colors and customers select the design and colors for their quilts. Each barn quilt is custom painted for your location.

“Next summer we intend to offer another entrepreneurship workshop for youth interested in starting a business. We are hoping that youth from this year’s class will continue to develop their businesses and also serve as mentors for next year’s entrepreneurs” says Deb Weitzenkamp. For more information about how you can sign up to be a part of next summer’s entrepreneurship class or how you can purchase any of these great Pawnee County products, please contact UNL Extension at 852-2970 or stop by the office located in the Pawnee County Courthouse.